A new article published in the Brain Stimulation journal, entitled “Guidelines for TMS/tES clinical services and research through the COVID-19 pandemic” highlights the advantage of robotics in TMS administration during the COVID-19 pandemic: “Robotic TMS provides some opportunity for TMS administration with operators further removed from participants (easily by 2 m/6 feet except for brief localization to navigation, though the participant can be trained to do this).”

You can read or download the document in PDF by following the links below:

Marom Bikson, Coleen A. Hanlon, Adam J. Woods, Bernadette T. Gillik, Leigh Charvet, Claus Lamm, Graziella Madeo, Adrienn Holczer, Jorge Almeida, Andrea Antal, Mohammad Reza Ay, Chris Baeken, Daniel M. Blumberger, Salvatore Campanella, Joan A. Camprodon, Lasse Christiansen, Colleen Loo, Jennifer T. Crinion, …, Hamed Ekhtiari, Guidelines for TMS/tES Clinical services and research through the COVID-19 pandemic, in Brain Stimulation, volume 13, issue 4, July–August 2020, pages 1124-1149, [View], [Download].