Axilum Robotics TMS-Robot is able to perform a wide range of tasks, from the simple holding of the TMS coil at a predefined target, to the controlled movement of the TMS coil along complex trajectories in the brain.

Any robot assisted TMS session consists of three main steps:

1. TMS Session Planning

Define the stimulation targets and the coil rotation on the patient’s MRI data with a compatible neuronavigation system:

  • Select a single point on brain or head
  • Select several points
  • Draw a curve
  • Define a grid of points

2. Patient Registration

  • Install the patient in the seat with the backrest or the tablet
  • Register the patient head with the MRI data

3. TMS Session Execution

  • Adjust the seat position in height and depth
  • Start the robotic session to move the coil automatically at the targeted position(s) for stimulation
  • Record the stimulated positions for subsequent analysis

Note: Available functionalities depend on compatible neuronavigation systems and their software version.