A look back at 1 month (and more) of intensive media coverage around the publication in scientific journal Plos One, on August 19th 2014, of the results of a complex TMS experiment using Axilum Robotics TMS-Robot.


MSNBC of October 28th, 2014 : What’s the Big Idea: Making mind reading a reality. Alvaro Pascual-Leone, a Neurology Professor at Harvard Medical School talks with Richard Lui about turning mind-reading into a reality. Using only a digital connection to link their brains, people are able to send and receive greetings to each other from thousands of miles apart… Read more.


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Daily Mail of September 3rd, 2014 : Groundbreaking experiment allows first brain to brain communication over the internet between people 5,000 miles apart. Researchers have successfully carried out the first ‘brain to brain’ conversation online… Read more.

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Science Daily of September 3rd, 2014 : Direct brain-to-brain communication demonstrated in human subjects: In a first-of-its-kind study, an international team of neuroscientists and robotics engineers has demonstrated the viability of direct brain-to-brain communication in humans… Read more.

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Fox News of September 5th, 2014 : We know what you’re thinking: Scientists test brain-to-brain communication. What if you could communicate with another person only using your mind? The concept might sound far-fetched, but a team of neuroscientists and robotics engineers have inched the possibility of brain-to-brain communication away from the science fiction… Read more.

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BBC News of September 6th, 2014 : Scientists ‘make telepathy breakthrough’. Research led by experts at Harvard University shows technology can be used to send a simple mental message from one person to another without any contact between the two… Dr. Giulio Ruffini, co-author of the study, was interviewed during a radio programme. Read more.

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ABC News of September 7th, 2014 : Scientists Transmit Thoughts from one Brain to Another. An international team of scientists has succeeded in transmitting the thoughts of one individual into the brain of a second person, located thousands of miles away, combining some of the latest technological marvels with the long arm of the Internet… Read more.

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