Company / Board of Directors

Axilum Robotics' Board of Directors is led by Michel Berg. Members are Arnaud Butzbach, Romuald Ginhoux, Jacques Lewiner, Pascal Neuville and Cécile Tharaud.

Arnaud Butzbach.

Arnaud Butzbach is Co-Founder, Vice-President Operations and Chief Technology Officer at MEDIAN Technologies, a company listed since 2011 (ALMDT), providing medical imaging software and services for detection, diagnosis and monitoring of cancers. From 15 years' experience in the medical imaging industry, surgical robotics (HealthCenter / Focus imaging, Focus Medical, Deemed…) and in the automotive industry (Siemens VDO Automotive), Arnaud contributed to all phases of MEDIAN’s development and brings his experience, expertise and skills in medical imaging, software engineering, technology transfer and strategic partnerships, to innovative projects aiming at improving standards of care around the world. Arnaud Butzbach is graduated from National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble (INPG) and Computer sciences and applied mathematics (ENSIMAG).

Jacques Lewiner.

Jacques Lewiner is a scientist and an inventor. As a Scientific Director of ESPCI ParisTech in Paris, France, he worked with Pierre-Gilles de Gennes and created or contributed to the creation of numerous start-ups derived from research. Some of these start-ups have grown or are expanding rapidly. Jacques Lewiner was awarded the 2010 Prix de l'Ingénieur de l'année (Engineer of the Year Price) for his life’s work, by the French magazine Usine Nouvelle.

Pascal Neuville.

Pascal Neuville is CEO of Domain Therapeutics. He owns a PhD in molecular biology from the University de Strasbourg, France. He spent five years at the University of Geneva, Switzerland, as a post doc and then as an Assistant Professor. Then Pascal joined Transgene where he was R&D project leader. From 2002 to 2008, he was CSO of Faust Pharmaceuticals, a drug discovery and development company in CNS. Pascal Neuville is a board member of Alsace BioValley, the life science competitiveness cluster of Alsace, France.

Cécile Tharaud.

Cécile Tharaud is President and Managing Partner of Inserm Transfert Initiative. Before joining Inserm Transfert Initiative, Cécile run Inserm Transfert as Executive Chair of the Board since 2006. She had previously held several positions spanning intellectual property, operations and senior management in biotechnology companies – Genset, ValiGen, GeneBio – and venture capital – Bioscience Managers. Cécile started her career in marketing and business development for the French subsidiaries of pharmaceutical groups - Glaxo, then SmithKline Beecham. Cécile Tharaud has an engineering degree from the École Polytechnique, a PhD in Molecular Genetics from the Institut National Agronomique Paris - Grignon (INA - PG) and an MBA from INSEAD. She has served on the Board of AERES (French Evaluation Agency for Research and Higher Education). She is a member of the Board of Directors of LFB SA laboratory.