Setting a new standard for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation
with collaborative robotics


Axilum Robotics TMS-Cobot is intended to control the positioning, the orientation and the contact of a compatible TMS coil under the supervision of an optical tracking system (no MRI) or a compatible neuronavigation system (MRI)


Axilum Robotics TMS-Cobot
Optical Tracking System
or compatible Neuronavigator
Treatment chair Axilum Robotics TMS-Cobot Compatible Coil and Stimulator

Key features

  • Collaborative robotics « cobot » technology (safety)
    Such technology provides intrinsic safety features through a collision detection mechanism at each joint level, allowing close collaboration with human beings.  Movements of the robotic arm can be either automated or manually directed by the user having activated a so-called free-drive mode
  • Keeps the position and the orientation of the TMS coil during the session (optical tracking of markers on the head)
  • Compensates for potential head motion during the TMS session
  • Ensures permanent contact between coil and head (integrated pressure sensor)
  • Compatible with any chair
  • Lightweight and highly mobile : Can easily be moved on its wheels
  • Ergonomy : When piloted by a compatible neuronavigation system, the operator controls TMS-Cobot from the graphical user interface of the neuronavigator
    When piloted by Axilum Robotics optical Tracking System, the operator controls TMS-Cobot from a control panel placed on the cart

Key advantages

  • Improves accuracy and repeatability
    Accuracy of the robotic arm is below 2 mm
  • Delivers the operator from a repetitive, painful and and time consuming task
    Once the session launched, minimal attention of the operator is requested to ensure appropriate position, orientation and contact of the coil on the head


  • TMS-Cobot can position selected cooled coils from Magstim, MagVenture, Mag&More
  • TMS-Cobot can be piloted by compatible neuro-navigators from Localite, Rogue Research/Brainsight, Syneika and by Axilum Robotics optical tracking system (no MRI)

Dimensions and Weight

TMS-Cobot fits to any space and enters into most elevators thanks to its practical dimensions and light weight.

  • Height with arm : (H) 1770 mm
  • Base dimensions : (L x W)1111 x 650 mm
  • Weight : 143 kg

Regulatory information

TMS-Cobot is not CE marked and not FDA cleared.

Comparison between TMS-Cobot and TMS-Robot





 Compatible with 3 brands of stimulator and rTMS coils
 Piloted by 3 brands of compatible neuro-navigator (MRI guidance)

(option 1)
 Piloted by tracking system (No MRI)

(option 2)
 Integrated patient seat
 with electric adjustment Compatible with any treatment chair
 Coil guidance
Robotized  Robotized
+ manual pre-positionning
 Working space


½ Hemi-spherical
 Head motion tracking
 Coil contact sensor
(by design)
(collaborative robot)
 1 mm (ref space of NN)  < 2 mm (arm accuracy)
 0,1 mm < 2 mm
Regulatory status
CE Class IIa,
Health Canada licence
Non CE marked,
Non FDA cleared