Here is a list of selected publications about Axilum Robotics TMS-Robot and TMS-Cobot, starting from the most recent one:

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Other interesting publications in relation with robotic TMS:

Marom Bikson, Coleen A. Hanlon, Adam J. Woods, Bernadette T. Gillik, Leigh Charvet, Claus Lamm, Graziella Madeo, Adrienn Holczer, Jorge Almeida, Andrea Antal, Mohammad Reza Ay, Chris Baeken, Daniel M. Blumberger, Salvatore Campanella, Joan A. Camprodon, Lasse Christiansen, Colleen Loo, Jennifer T. Crinion, …, Hamed Ekhtiari, Guidelines for TMS/tES Clinical services and research through the COVID-19 pandemic, in Brain Stimulation, volume 13, issue 4, July–August 2020, pages 1124-1149, [View], [Download].